What Are French Casement Windows?

You may currently be extremely familiar with casement windows, however what about French design casement windows?

French casement windows are made up of 2 windows that push out beyond the envelope of your house. Usually, they don’t have a vertical post in the centre and will open out from the centre. Unlike a standard sash window, this enables an unobstructed view when the windows are open.

Not all windows of this type are the same, but the most common is the push out French style sash window.

When Should You Use French-Style Casement Windows?
French style casement windows are outstanding when setting up a window in a large, open space such as your cooking area or bedroom. They’re not so fit to corridors, stairwells, or toilets.

As they open totally, they can let in plenty of light and air. If you have a room that enjoys a wonderful view, when opened a French window will enable you to enjoy it without obstruction.

What Are the Characteristics & Benefits of French Sash Windows?
Why should you choose for a French casement window? The choice is totally yours but let’s lay out a few of the advantages so you can decide whether French casement windows are the best choice for you.

Ventilation— French windows open out to 90 degrees plus and permit fast air circulation into the room. You also have the choice of opening just one side if you need some ventilation, however do not wish to open the windows the whole method.
Security— French window security is usually of a really high requirement. They come with locks that are extremely protected so you do not need to compromise on safety. They likewise open so wide that they can also double up as a fire escape if required.
Views— As mentioned previously, French windows give offer unblocked views of the great outdoors.
Low Maintenance— French windows, particularly uPVC ones, are extremely low-maintenance. A fast clean every so often will keep them clean, and they do not require to be dealt with frequently like wood.
Performance— French windows use better energy efficiency than double hung windows, whilst all at once offering more ventilation.
Variety— With French design casement windows, there’s a lot of opportunities for customisation and personalisation. This makes them especially interesting our design-minded consumers.

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What Is the Difference In Between Wet Rot and Dry Rot?

Rot is bad news. When this occurs to the structural components of your home, it can spell catastrophe! However even if it’s just the shallow parts of a door or window that are impacted, rot can be a genuine pain.

You may even have actually heard that there are various type of rot, which manifest in various ways. Don’t stress, we’re not going to delve into the biochemistry here (intriguing though it might be); instead, we’re going to look at the useful effects of rot, and how to prevent them.

What is Wet Rot?
Certain sorts of microscopic fungus will multiply when the wetness levels get high enough. As they spread, they’ll require to eat. And what they consume is the wood in your home. There are many species of fungi that do this, however the most common cause wet rot: they’ll discolour your timber and trigger it to be up to bits.

What is Dry Rot?
Particular sorts of fungi have a distinctly different impact on the wood they’re chewing through. Timber infested with dry rot will become brown and crumbly, in some cases so much so that it can be gotten into powder in between your fingers. Despite what you might assume, dry rot requires a particular quantity of moisture to endure– generally around 20%.

Dry rot is rarer than wet rot, though significantly more serious. It will spread far from the source of the wet instead of staying near it, indicating it might rather literally bring your house down. Don’t postpone in treating it!

How to Fix Window Rot

When you’ve identified the sort of rot you’re handling, you can move onto fixing it.

How Do You Fix Wet Rot?
The afflicted location will require to be stripped out and fixed, mixing any replacement timber in with the existing things. Obviously, this will only show effective in the long term if the source of the wetness is dealt with.

How Do You Fix Dry Rot?
Timber affected by dry rot ought to be treated with an appropriate fungicide and wood preservative. Terribly affected or warped timber needs to be changed with a pre-treated alternative. This will minimise the possibility of the wood being contaminated again. Given the major effects of a dry-rot problem running out of control, this is something you’ll wish to bring in specialist aid for.

How Do You Stop Window Rot?
Avoidance, as they say, is better than treatment. And so, it’s finest to stop rot from occurring prior to it starts. It’s a great idea to control the ambient wetness level around your timber, and to get wet took a look at before it spreads. But if you’re dealing with timber on the outside of your house, such as in a window, this might not be a choice. In this circumstances, look for a lengthy warranty against rot and fungi when you’re purchasing the window. Our timber windows ship with a forty-year warranty against rot and fungus, providing you comfort from the moment you install.

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Feng Shui for Windows

You may have heard that the eyes are the windows of the soul. Well, when it concerns Feng Shui, the reverse is true: the windows are the eyes of your house. Their job is to enable you to see what’s outdoors, and to enable light into the home. According to this ancient Chinese school of thought, windows also enable chi to get in and exit the house; and this is specific to impact your life in a number of essential methods.

If you’re not a spiritual or superstitious person, this may seem like a load of hooey to you, but Feng Shui typically leads to well balanced minimalist interiors that anybody can take pleasure in. And if you have an interest in it, then you’ll more than happy to understand that we’re going to look at Feng Shui theory and how it connects to windows in particular.

What is Feng Shui?
Before we go any even more, let’s quickly define what it is. As we touched on in the past, it is an ancient approach originating from China with roots going back over 6,000 years. It is a system of laws that governs over buildings, particular the way they are created to enable a healthy flow of energy (or ‘chi’). It’s not just the building itself, but likewise includes the interior too. A few of it is based around superstition that particular things will bring you misfortune, however overall becomes part of a larger approach that stresses balance, harmony and minimalism.

What does Feng Shui have to say about the method we utilize windows in our house? Let’s take a look.

Getting the Right Balance
Similar to many things in the world of Feng Shui, acquiring the best balance is critical. Windows that are too big will appear frustrating; windows that are too small will make whatever seem dingy. Good Feng Shui practice for windows might imply casements or sash windows, offered that they aren’t too high and narrow– as this will limit the chances which go into the home. With that stated, the top of your window must still be taller than the highest person in the house.

What Shape Should a Window Be?
Either sash or sash windows can sit best with the guidelines of Feng Shui. However, there’s a rule against inward-opening windows. Outside opening windows are thought to enhance your profession, increase the amount of fresh air and releases any foul air when opened. Angular windows are, according to the rules of Feng Shui, best for offices and public buildings, while rounder ones are more tranquil, and therefore better for the home.

Beds Under Windows?
The bed-under-window superstition is possibly one of the most widely known Feng Shui standards. It’s troublesome, particularly in smaller sized bedrooms– but we need to consider that these rules were made up before the innovation of double-glazing, and thus there was constantly an opportunity that something may have fallen onto the sleeping individual from outside. If you desire to stick by the guidelines, it’s worth moving the bed to the opposite side of the space– that method you’ll be able to put a radiator below the window and offer the warm air a chance to properly flow.

Window Placement
If doors and windows are directly lined up, then energy will tend to ‘rush’ through the house. This is specifically so when the doors and windows are just a brief range from one another. So, preferably, you don’t want to be getting out of one room to be confronted immediately by a window. When doors and windows are put so near to one another that they really touch when opened, this develops an impact known as ‘arguing’– this will spell problem and dispute for everybody living in the home.

Bathroom and kitchens are thought about crucial from a Feng Shui perspective, and therefore deserving of more than one window. In modern-day homes, which include extractor fans, this isn’t much of an useful concern– but it’s still worth considering if you want to be thoroughly Feng Shui.

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How Do You Dress a Window?

Dressing a window brings numerous benefits to your home– they do not just make it look quite. Adding curtains or blinds to your window will increase your thermal efficiency and security.

By covering your windows– or having something in place to cover them when you wish to– you get rid of draughts coming through your window frame. You also decrease the opportunity of heat getting away through the glass which reduces your energy costs as you’ll need less heat to heat up your home.

Intruders are opportunists. In many home intrusions, the bad guy has actually seen something through a window that they desire. By dressing your windows with blinds or curtains, you’re concealing any prized possessions that might have been on program. This significantly minimises the opportunities of your home being gotten into.

Aside from those 2 significant aspects, the last factor to dress your window is for design functions. This can be available in the kind of hanging curtains or blinds, however you can also dress your windows by adding a plant to the window sill, or embellishing the edge of the frame with fairy lights– this is a great alternative if you’re on a spending plan.

Curtains and blinds bring a lot to a space– despite the fact that they might get neglected during the style process.

It’s important for curtains and blinds to be determined and fitted correctly. If your curtains are too big, your space will look smaller. If they’re too little, they won’t be satisfying the purposes that made you install them in the first place.

If you wish to upgrade your windows, please take a look at our series of high quality and thermal efficient timber windows and aluminium windows.

What kinds of window coverings are in design?
The window coverings that are on pattern for this year are generally textured. It seems a lot of us are bringing texture to our interiors in the form of curtains and blinds. Whether that’s a thick set of velour curtains or a sleek wooden blind.

Modern houses are typically minimal in design– think white walls, silver hardware, and shiny countertops. This is why texture from window coverings work so well. They can be utilised as colourful declaration pieces against a plain backdrop or utilized to warm up a big open strategy area– for warmth, think deep tones of orange wool.

There are numerous kinds of window coverings to select from:

  • Curtains
  • Blinds
  • Tones
  • Linen
  • Velvet
  • Woven wood
  • Silk
  • Wool

Are curtains heading out of style?
There are numerous choices of curtains out there that them going out of design will never ever be a thing. Our personal design might change and you might prefer blinds over curtains however there will alway be a need for them. For some people, curtains provide a lot more benefits over blinds.

There are many choices for curtains such as colour, design, and texture. Curtains are also easier to cut to size. Blinds are terrific for understated window dressing, however a great deal of people aren’t a fan of their architectural design.

If you’re looking to dress your windows to enhance thermal performance, curtains are the much better option.

Should I put curtains over blinds?

There is no right or incorrect answer to this. Whether you decide to put curtains over your blinds or not refers personal choice.

People often have curtains over blinds to give them more versatility. Having a blind half open can minimise the quantity of light can be found in without totally compromising your view to the outside– which is what would take place if you closed your curtains half way. If your blind has slats you’ll still get a little light coming through it, even when they’re closed. Remove the light coming through the blinds by installing a set of curtains and closing them at night.

There are many manner ins which you can dress a window, some will wish to install blinds or curtains (or both!) and others will wish to use products to make the window appearance pretty.

When dressing your window, consider just how much area you have around it, what your spending plan is, and whether you want to opt for blinds or curtains. Think of the style that you presently have in your house, would a smooth set of blinds for your bathroom work better than a lacey curtain? And would curtains for your bay window be more affordable than blinds? Your scenarios are at the heart of your choice for dressing your windows.

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Best Windows for Noise Insulation

Sound pollution is a growing issue for homeowners throughout the UK. If you reside in an especially loud area, such as the area of a busy roadway, airport or club, then you’ll want to keep the clamour of the outside world at bay. By the same token, if you’re fond of blasting loud music or shouting at the television at the top of your lungs, then you may wish to offer the outside world the very same defence.

When it concerns sound insulation, much as with heat insulation, windows represent a weak point in any structure. Glass, after all, vibrates more easily than brickwork. Luckily, it’s a powerlessness we can attend to by updating to a more modern window. Let’s take a look at a few of the offered options, and think about how they may assist safeguard you from outside sound.

How is sound taken in?
Before we can establish how finest to stop sound, it’s crucial we comprehend what sound in fact is. When we hear anything, whether it’s Rachmaninoff’s second piano concerto, or the barking of a neighbour’s Alsatian, we’re viewing tiny modifications in air-pressure around our ears. These vibrations can be measured in two various ways– their amplitude, which is most frequently determined in A-weighted decibels (or dBA), and their frequency, which is measured in hertz (the number of vibrations happening per second).

Sounds waves are exceptionally difficult to destroy altogether. They do not just vanish when they encounter a challenge; they’re permanently bouncing around, resounding, and altering shape as they do so. When sound impacts the glass of your window, it’s effectively split into 3: a certain part echoes back in the opposite instructions (which we might call an echo), another portion is taken in into the product, and a third travel through to the other side. In order to produce the most reliable noise-reducing glass, our objective should be to keep this last amount as low as possible.

The human ear is better at perceiving some frequencies than others (frequently those in the series of human speech). Additionally, specific mediums will be much better at transferring certain frequencies than others– which is why the leading end of the audio spectrum might appear stifled when your head is underwater, or the source of the sound is in another space. As soon as you open a door, however, things will instantly sound much crisper.

Offered we’re not speaking about severe noises, like that of a gunshot or a bomb going off, we can think about acoustic waves going through air as akin to a weight on completion of a spring. When the weight is moving very rapidly up and down, the damping force of the spring will be high, triggering it to slow faster. When the weight is moving more slowly, the spring will act upon it less– even if the speed of the weight is the same.

What this implies is that higher frequencies will naturally encounter more resistance than lower ones– which is why you won’t be able to hear a cymbal through a wall, however you might be able to hear a bass drum. This factor to consider is vital when we’re thinking about how to secure our houses from outdoors sound– as particular sorts of sound will be more easily handled. If you’re inflamed by the yapping of next door’s canine, or of an infant who won’t stop weeping, then an appropriately sound-resistant window might be just what’s required; if you’re stressed over your neighbour’s Lamborghini roaring, or of house music being dipping into a neighbouring club, then your choice of window alone may not suffice to make the distinction.

How efficient is double glazing at reducing sound?

Double glazing is among the most popular choices for fighting both noise and heat transfer. Much so, in reality, that your home is likely to currently have it geared up. The innovation works by sandwiching a layer of vacuum, inert gas, or dehydrated air, in between 2 layers of glass. This makes it tough for acoustic waves and heat to obtain from one side to the other, as each successive layer of glass will have the ability to absorb an offered portion of the wave. This impact is made all the more pronounced when we present a 3rd sheet of glass.

That stated, while numerous sheets of glazing might provide some advantage, the most substantial improvements in noise-dampening are to be attained through thicker sheets of glass, and bigger areas of void. These enhancements will likewise lead to better heat efficiency, too. Of course, thicker glass will require a stronger surrounding frame– which is why weaker plastic windows and doors are at a relative drawback to stronger wood and aluminium frames.

What other actions can I take?
If you ‘d like to minimise the amount of sound that’s dripping through your windows, you’ll be pleased to learn that there are a few other actions you can require to resolve the problem. These consist of hanging heavy, thick drapes, which will serve as a barrier to sound waves and help absorb the sound waves reflecting around your space.

If you’re the owner of a home that’s listed or in a conservation area, you may find it difficult to acquire planning approval for double-glazing. In this circumstances, you may consider secondary glazing rather. This works by placing a second sheet of glass straight behind your existing window to help improve both sound and heat insulation.

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Double Glazing vs. Secondary Glazing

Energy is expensive. That’s why it’s essential property owners take actions to ensure they get the most from every cent invested. If you’re wanting to keep your house warm and energy effective, particularly throughout winter, then you’ll wish to concentrate your efforts on the locations of your property most at risk.

Practically inevitably, windows form a weakness in a building’s outer shell. Through them, heat can quickly get away into the world outside, which in turn cools the residential or commercial property and requires more energy expense.

We can fight this issue in part with double glazing, or to a lesser degree, secondary glazing.

What is double glazing?
Double glazed windows are formed of 2 panes of glass, separated by a thin cavity. When the technology was first established, this space was filled with regular air. It was realised that dehydrating the interior of the window would avoid condensation from forming throughout cold spells, and improve performance. At that point makers started to drain the air entirely from their windows, filling the space instead with a vacuum.

Today double glazing is frequently filled with an inert gas, like argon, krypton or xenon. Of these, argon is the least effective– but it’s likewise the least costly– which suggests it’s a popular option with lots of homeowners.

Among the most substantial disadvantages of double glazing is the impact it has on the window’s appearance. The air (or absence of it) on the inside of the window will be made up differently to the air outside, therefore changes in atmospheric pressure will produce a difference in between the within and outside of the glass.

Because of these pressure differences, the glass can frequently bow inwards or outwards. This effect is specifically obvious when the sun is shining on the surface of the glass, and belongs to the reason why it can be hard to get the essential preparation approval to install double glazing in particular conservation areas. In such areas, homeowners should look for options.

What is secondary glazing?
Secondary glazing works through a comparable principle to double glazing, other than instead of both panes becoming part of the same window, secondary panes are connected to the existing single-paned window from the within. Due to the fact that there’s no seal, there’s no pressure distinction between the inside and beyond the window. What’s more, secondary glazing doesn’t need a whole window be replaced– it’ll merely slot behind the existing one.

While not as effective as double glazing, secondary glazing can be set up with minimum hassle to the back of an existing single-glazed window, and will yield considerable improvements in thermal performance. They’re therefore a popular service for owners of period property.

Secondary glazing likewise tends to be substantially cheaper than double glazing, so is perfect for house owners with a minimal spending plan.

Which should I choose– double glazing or secondary glazing?
Your choice will depend mostly on the sort of residential or commercial property you’re seeking to buy for, or your budget plan.

Frequently your choice will be determined for you by conservation laws or your budget plan.

Cost of double glazing vs. secondary glazing
Fitting secondary glazing is not surprisingly considerably cheaper than installing double glazing.

Typically, secondary glazing costs ₤ 97 per window, although this will naturally be affected by the size of the window.

The expense of a double glazed window depends upon the materials used and naturally, the size of the window; however the average expense for a double glazed window is around ₤ 500.

Secondary glazing and the environment
Both double glazing and secondary glazing are beneficial to the environment on account of the truth they will lower your energy usage in the home.

Replacing windows creates waste. Secondary glazing on the other hand, merely builds upon the existing window, which helps to minimise waste materials.

Installing secondary glazing
Another advantage to secondary glazing vs. double glazing is the ease of setup. You shouldn’t try to set up a double glazed window yourself (unless you’re really experienced with DIY), but it’s fairly basic to install secondary glazing– meaning you can cut down on costs.

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How Does Double Glazing Work?

If you’re concerned about the quantity of heat leaving from your home (as all accountable homeowners need to be) then you’ll wish to recognise its weakest points. Practically invariably, the weakest points in any structure are its windows. After all, it’s difficult to make glass that’s as hard for heat to permeate as the strong walls around it!

Fortunately, things have actually come a long way given that glass windows first accomplished prevalent popularity in the 18th century. A big part of the advance is down to an innovation that’s now ubiquitous: double glazing.

How does double glazing decrease heat loss?
Double glazing works by placing two sheets of glass parallel to one another, with a void in between. This makes it a lot more tough for heat to pass through the window, for similar factor that it’s hard for you to burn your hands on an iron frying pan if you’re not touching it: the metal of a skillet is a great deal more efficient at storing and carrying out heat than the air around it.

If we think about things at a molecular level, this may make more sense. The molecules of a solid product, like the handle of a fry pan or a sheet of glass, are loaded carefully together. As a result, vibrations affect those nearby, triggering heat to spread rapidly through the product. By contrast, the particles of a gas are spread far apart– which means they’re far less most likely to bounce into one another, and thus the transfer of heat is slowed.

Things are made even more efficient if, instead of merely loading the cavity in between the two panes with regular air, we draw all of the air out of it, leaving a vacuum. In modern-day double glazing, the cavity tends to be filled with an inert gas like argon– which is much more reliable an insulator.

How reliable is double glazing?
If you’re wanting to invest in double glazing for your house, you’ll likely have one concern on your mind: simply how much heat does double glazing conserve?

The extent to which double glazing will decrease your energy bill will depend upon the quality of the window. Windows are rated on a scale of A+ to G, in much the same way as house appliances like refrigerators and freezers. The Energy saving trust approximates an annual saving of around ₤ 80-₤ 110 for a semi-detached home– offered it was totally single-glazed ahead of time.

This added effectiveness will also help to increase the rate of the property– supplied that it doesn’t affect the outside appearance. It’s worth remembering that some listed residential or commercial properties will be unable to get preparation consent for double glazing, as it can trigger a warping result on the glass which might undermine a traditional-looking property.

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How to Clean Windows Like a Pro

Cleaning up windows might appear a relatively simple job, but there’s a reason there’s a growing market for skilled window-cleaners– the distinction between a professional and amateur technique will appear to anyone who’s ever had a look at a streak-covered, messed up attempt at cleaning a window. What is it, precisely, that separates the specialists from the rest of us?

Just like numerous things in life, success is an outcome of the right tools being integrated with the ideal skills.

What will I need?
When it comes to washing windows, you won’t need a lot of items:

  • Warm, soapy water
  • A sponge
  • A squeegee
  • A dry rag

In order to make things a little easier, you may pick to use a specialist window-cleaning option– or a tried-and checked combination of newspaper and vinegar, which we’ll get to later. Be sure that whichever cleaning agent or chemical additive you’re using isn’t going to damage the frame of the window. The last thing you’ll want is discolouration on the wood or uPVC surrounding the glass– as this will ruin the appearance of the window, and therefore the building as a whole.

How Do I Clean My Windows?

Now you’ve assembled your products, it’s time to really clean the windows.

You’ll want to remove any obvious dust and cobwebs from around the window. This will form an unsightly and sticky mess if you try to clean it off with water, so utilize a dry, soft brush, or a duster. If there are any especially persistent marks, merely dab on your soapy water and scrub with a toothbrush or a cotton swab. Once they’ve been gotten rid of, you’ll have the ability to proceed to the window as a whole.

Using a soaked sponge, wash the panes of your window one by one. You’ll want to move from top to bottom, in a zig-zag shape, in order to avoid drips. As quickly as you’re done cleaning a single panel, you’ll need to get rid of the suds, as enabling them to dry will trigger those unwanted spots.

The tool we use to eliminate suds is a squeegee. They work by forming a tight seal against the glass.

If you’ve seen an expert window cleaner at work, you’ll have seen that they tend to move their squeegee in a long, snaking pattern down the length of the window. This is on order to ensure that suds aren’t able to gather in any one area, however are instead scooped from the entirety of the glass in a single motion.

Plainly, this is a skill that needs a little bit of practice to master, but once you’ve attained that mastery, you’ll have the ability to clean every window of your home in no time at all– and attain a professional surface for a small investment.

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Bathroom Taps – Choosing the Right One

Whether you’re developing anew home, remodelling your restroom, or adding a bathroom to your existing home, you’ll need to choose restroom taps for your new restroom.

Ceramic disk valves vs traditional valves

Do the taps you are consider have Ceramic disk valves or conventional screw down valves? The ceramic valves are considered to supply much better function, but are usually more costly. You simply need to choose if the difference deserves the additional price or not.


There are various bathroom tap styles, but they are broken down into 2 primary categories ñ Contemporary styles and traditional styles. Contemporary designs offer you special, cutting edge styles to give your restroom a fresh, edgy appearance. Traditional designs provide you an older, more traditional look. Obviously, you will want to integrate your restroom components so that they are all of one general design.

End up

Bathroom taps are readily available in various surfaces, to match any taste or need. Some of the most common surfaces are chrome, brass, and gold. In basic, the finish is unrelated to the building and construction of the component. Simply put, a brass finish faucet is probably not made from brass.

On some designs, you can also get bonus like ceramic manages. These add an extremely trendy, classy seek to your faucet. Naturally, ceramic will not be as resilient as metal, but danger of damage is really low on a quality restroom tap.


Bathroom taps are being offered with progressively great guarantees, such as 10 years. Inspect the assurance of the bathroom tap you are thinking about buying.

Reduce of use

If possible, you should examine a fixture for ease of use before you buy it. Does it run efficiently and easily? Is it easy to run with wet and slippery hands?

Keep these pointers in mind to assist you pick the perfect restroom taps!

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Outdoor Decorating Tips

Spring is on its way and decorating is in the air. We all love putting out fresh make overs in our houses this time of year, but have you believed recently about the exterior? Frequently we’re so hectic decorating or redecorating inside, we forget to do the exact same outdoors. So here are a few fast and easy outside designing tips that will assist fix up the curb appeal of your house:

  1. Paint: You can paint the entire house and trim, or just retouch the trim alone … in any case will make a big effect on how your house looks to the passing public.
  2. Patio or Patio: If you currently have a deck or patio area, simply putting brand-new furnishings out can make a wonderful distinction in the presentation of your home. Alternatively, you can just purchase new cushions or covers for your existing patio area furniture. Other fast outdoor patio fix up can be as simple as putting out a few blooming potted plants, adding gnomes or statues, or putting a little water fountain into the space.
  3. Walkways: Having walkways outside your home include a cozy, pleasant and inviting feel to the general outside discussion. Just a straight concrete walkway can be improved by putting a bit of garden bed edging along each side … putting small solar sidewalk lights on each side … or planting colourful annual flowers such as petunias on each side. If you do not already have a walkway and want to create one, I believe the most beautiful are those made from stone. Add an additional ornamental touch by making the sidewalk curve or wind a bit to your front door instead of leading straight there.
  4. Lawn ornaments: These can be as simple as a small bird house, a pole installed outside lantern light, or perhaps a wheelbarrow with flowers. Putting a little something additional in your lawn specifies you and your tastes, plus it provides your house a more distinct personality that stands out from your next-door neighbours.
  5. Flowers, Plants, Vines & Bushes: Probably the most popular way to spruce up a yard quickly is to simply put out some quite plants, bushes, vines and flowers. Annuals are fantastic for adding dashes of colour rapidly, due to the fact that you can typically purchase them this time of year in bloom. To get continuous colour and greenery, plant some perennials too. Then once the annuals are starting to die out, you’ll have something to change them. You’ll likewise have the included happiness of seeing the perennials sprout once again for numerous years to come.

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