I know you’re probably wondering what exactly is a wet room.Essentially a wet room is a bathroom area that does not have a separated shower area but rather the whole room functions as a large shower. Therefore a typical wet room would contain a drain in the middle of the room with tiled floors and wall, equipped with your regular bathroom fixtures of course. The idea of a wet room may seem strange at first but it offers many benefits that make it worth considering.

First off, a wetroom can be a creative way to make use of an awkward or small bathroom space. By not having a divider separating the shower area, wet rooms often appear much larger than they actually are. When you are in a wetroom it feels as though you have more showering space because there is no wall to restrict your movement. For small spaces installing several bathroom fixtures such as a vanity, shower and storage closet can quickly consume your already limited square footage. The open layout of a wetroom allows for many opportunities to design a space that is truly unique and one of a kind. Because the floor and wall are covered in waterproof material you can exercise liberty when selecting materials to create a truly spa-like retreat.  Depending on your vision you can create unique features like seating areas (similar to what you would see in a locker room) or glass sheets that separate wet areas from dry areas. Wetrooms offer a different perspective on your showering experience; with a tiny bit of work you can truly transform your bathroom area into a sleek, functional and one-of a kind space.

Wetrooms are a convenient option for persons with limited mobility. If you are elderly or need to move with assistance from a wheelchair or cane, you should consider a designing a wetroom. By not having raised surfaces to enter the shower, it makes it significantly easier to move independently when taking a shower. Moreover wet rooms can be designedin such a way to accommodate any special preferences.This could be achieved by creating accessible hand rails to facilitate easy movement or by making sinks lower and easier to access. Your design choice would depend on the specific circumstances surrounding your situation. Above all, the large open spaces in wet rooms allow for free movement without obstruction which is ideal for persons using accessories such as a cane or wheel chair. Installing a wetroom makes the experience of having a shower much less burdensome and exhausting for persons who are limited in their movement.

As is customary I have saved the best for last. The number one reason why wet rooms are so cool is that they are so easy to clean. Think about it, you just have to hose the place down and in no time it will be spic and span. Ok I’m kidding. Seriously though bathrooms are notorious for being difficult to clean because of all the hidden corners and spots you have to reach to properly clean. If you’re a neat freak like me, cleaning the bathroom often takes up half of my Sundays. In a wet room though all the surfaces are waterproof (for the most part) so you can use the same materials and cleaning solution to apply to the surfaces.

Wet rooms also have a central draining so whatever liquids that are left over can be swept into the drain. Think about the joy of not having the mop up any excess liquids from the floor after cleaning the shower, I know it sounds too good to be true! Take a minute to really consider whether a wet room may be a good option for you, I guarantee that once you’ve started using it, you’ll start to wonder why it took you so long to discover it in the first place.

I had an amazing wet room installed in my Doncaster home by the aptly named Doncasterbathrooms.com, it is fantastic.