What Are French Casement Windows?

You may currently be extremely familiar with casement windows, however what about French design casement windows?

French casement windows are made up of 2 windows that push out beyond the envelope of your house. Usually, they don’t have a vertical post in the centre and will open out from the centre. Unlike a standard sash window, this enables an unobstructed view when the windows are open.

Not all windows of this type are the same, but the most common is the push out French style sash window.

When Should You Use French-Style Casement Windows?
French style casement windows are outstanding when setting up a window in a large, open space such as your cooking area or bedroom. They’re not so fit to corridors, stairwells, or toilets.

As they open totally, they can let in plenty of light and air. If you have a room that enjoys a wonderful view, when opened a French window will enable you to enjoy it without obstruction.

What Are the Characteristics & Benefits of French Sash Windows?
Why should you choose for a French casement window? The choice is totally yours but let’s lay out a few of the advantages so you can decide whether French casement windows are the best choice for you.

Ventilation— French windows open out to 90 degrees plus and permit fast air circulation into the room. You also have the choice of opening just one side if you need some ventilation, however do not wish to open the windows the whole method.
Security— French window security is usually of a really high requirement. They come with locks that are extremely protected so you do not need to compromise on safety. They likewise open so wide that they can also double up as a fire escape if required.
Views— As mentioned previously, French windows give offer unblocked views of the great outdoors.
Low Maintenance— French windows, particularly uPVC ones, are extremely low-maintenance. A fast clean every so often will keep them clean, and they do not require to be dealt with frequently like wood.
Performance— French windows use better energy efficiency than double hung windows, whilst all at once offering more ventilation.
Variety— With French design casement windows, there’s a lot of opportunities for customisation and personalisation. This makes them especially interesting our design-minded consumers.

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