Born in 1963, Michael Jordan is Brooklyn born and bred. Always passionate about basketball, Jordan would head to college in the early 1980s, but was poached for stardom by the NBA in his junior year. After joining the NBA team Chicago Bulls, Jordan’s career as a basketball giant began. He received Rookie of the Year Award from the NBA after signing up the Bulls, then continued to earn pips as the most valuable player for several years in a row.

Before long, Michael Jordan became the most awarded player in NBA history. Jordan was one of the most celebrated NBA players of all time, pocketing honours throughout the 1990s as he led his teams to victory. Away from the NBA, Jordan would also help spearhead the US team to Olympic success – pocketing the gold in both 1984 and 1992. After leaving basketball playing behind, Jordan found time to concentrate on his other passions, his Nike owned subsidiary, Air Jordan, and supporting charities and organisations across the globe.

Jordan also remains active behind the scenes of basketball, serving as owner of the Charlotte Bobcats (a team he’s owned since 2010). Of late, Michael Jordan has been working hard to turn around the favours of his team’s fortunes, helping set them on track for success. Today, Michael Jordan remains one of the wealthiest basketball players who’ve ever lived. Although his basketball earnings represent a relatively slight share of his overall fortune, Jordan’s total net worth amounts to something in excess of $1.1 billion.

With more designs added to his Air Jordan range and continued endorsements, this is a figure that’s only set to rise in the future. It’s not all been success and celebration for Jordan however. There’s been constant controversies and scandal surrounding Jordan since the early 1980s, including his infamous gambling addiction at the best online pokies australia to which has apparently lost him millions of dollars. Poker being his favorite game, at times Jordan would continue playing until 6am on game day.  A famous table game, poker isn’t for the faint hearted and Jordan knew all about that!

Betting on high stakes is something Jordan never shied away from, fast forward to the year of the millennials, whose to say Jordan wouldn’t enjoy a an online poker game? Thanks to the progression of online video poker and, celebrities such as Jordan can now enjoy this exciting game in the comfort of his own home!

  Michael Jordan’s personal life has also been the topic of much discussion, with enormous winning streaks on online gambling sites and a recent divorce to long-time wife Juanita costing him a significant proportion of his overall fortune. But like any good sportsman, Jordan has been back on form and moving forward in recent years and continues to remain one of the most active ambassadors for the sport today.