What Is the Difference In Between Wet Rot and Dry Rot?

Rot is bad news. When this occurs to the structural components of your home, it can spell catastrophe! However even if it’s just the shallow parts of a door or window that are impacted, rot can be a genuine pain.

You may even have actually heard that there are various type of rot, which manifest in various ways. Don’t stress, we’re not going to delve into the biochemistry here (intriguing though it might be); instead, we’re going to look at the useful effects of rot, and how to prevent them.

What is Wet Rot?
Certain sorts of microscopic fungus will multiply when the wetness levels get high enough. As they spread, they’ll require to eat. And what they consume is the wood in your home. There are many species of fungi that do this, however the most common cause wet rot: they’ll discolour your timber and trigger it to be up to bits.

What is Dry Rot?
Particular sorts of fungi have a distinctly different impact on the wood they’re chewing through. Timber infested with dry rot will become brown and crumbly, in some cases so much so that it can be gotten into powder in between your fingers. Despite what you might assume, dry rot requires a particular quantity of moisture to endure– generally around 20%.

Dry rot is rarer than wet rot, though significantly more serious. It will spread far from the source of the wet instead of staying near it, indicating it might rather literally bring your house down. Don’t postpone in treating it!

How to Fix Window Rot

When you’ve identified the sort of rot you’re handling, you can move onto fixing it.

How Do You Fix Wet Rot?
The afflicted location will require to be stripped out and fixed, mixing any replacement timber in with the existing things. Obviously, this will only show effective in the long term if the source of the wetness is dealt with.

How Do You Fix Dry Rot?
Timber affected by dry rot ought to be treated with an appropriate fungicide and wood preservative. Terribly affected or warped timber needs to be changed with a pre-treated alternative. This will minimise the possibility of the wood being contaminated again. Given the major effects of a dry-rot problem running out of control, this is something you’ll wish to bring in specialist aid for.

How Do You Stop Window Rot?
Avoidance, as they say, is better than treatment. And so, it’s finest to stop rot from occurring prior to it starts. It’s a great idea to control the ambient wetness level around your timber, and to get wet took a look at before it spreads. But if you’re dealing with timber on the outside of your house, such as in a window, this might not be a choice. In this circumstances, look for a lengthy warranty against rot and fungi when you’re purchasing the window. Our timber windows ship with a forty-year warranty against rot and fungus, providing you comfort from the moment you install.

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